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If it concerns real estate, we are there working with legislators and government to protect your interests and the rights of private property owners.

The profound importance and powerful impact of our advocacy work has become increasingly clear over the last several years

  • Ensuring REALTORS® are/were essential workers
  • Ensuring our brokers were eligible for pandemic payroll protection loans
  • Working our brokers through PPP forgiveness
  • Preventing sales tax on your compensation
  • Preventing exorbitant transfer taxes
  • Fighting against burdensome short-term rental regulation
  • Preserving the mortgage interest deduction
  • Working towards Fannie and Freddie reform
  • Ensuring the extension of national flood insurance (Critical in Hampton Roads)
  • Ensuring impact fees, occupational tax, recording fees are reasonable
  • Successfully garnered REALTORS® the same 20% pass-through tax deductions as other professionals
  • Ensuring the 1031 Exchange program continued as is
  • Working towards adaptive housing grants providing money to redevelop certain under-utilized shopping centers into affordable housing
  • The Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) passed in 2022 originally included nearly a dozen tax increase provisions which would have had a major negative impact on real estate and/or REALTORS® had they been enacted; our advocacy was successful in removing these provisions

To learn more about how we advocate for your financial success visit our three-part advocacy series