REIN is our local MLS

The Hampton Roads are is unique in that our Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is a separate entity from the local REALTOR board. REIN is an Affiliate member of HRRA.

REIN – Your Local Source for Real Estate

Real Estate Information Network (REIN) is dedicated to supporting more than 8,000 real estate members with MLS technology, data aggregation, product training, and keybox services. As the local MLS, REIN provides a secure space for competing professionals to cooperate, communicate, learn, and thrive.

With the launch of, REIN’s consumer search website, REIN not only services brokers, agents, appraisers, secretaries, and industry partners, it also educates and connects our members with the home buying and selling community in Hampton Roads.

This forward-thinking company started over 51 years ago with just 16 original broker members. It now provides coverage spanning north of Williamsburg down into much of northeast North Carolina.

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