What do you get for your dues? We’re glad you asked! Dues revenue funds core services like government affairs, ethics enforcement, specialty councils, and publications. It is also used for research and development of new programs, products, and services that enhance members’ success. In fact, dues only make up a fraction of the total HRRA budget, far lower than the national average.


Members can pick and choose the programs and services that make the most sense for their business. Paying individually and allowing programs to be self-sufficient saves members money in the long run by preventing the need for dues to be raised to support programs they may not be interested in.


Why do my dues keep going up? Over the past 20 years, local Association dues have risen less than the cost-of-living.  Dues cover an abundance of services that help you in your career!


Total Dues = $675
HRRA Dues = $320
VR Dues = $170
NAR Dues = $150
NAR Consumer Advocacy Campaign = $35

HRRPAC = $35
RIM = $10
REALTOR® Foundation = $10


What is HRRPAC?
The Hampton Roads REALTORS® Political Action Committee (HRRPAC) is your voice in politics! As a HRRA REALTOR®, you have a strong, unified presence among city councils and legislators. In Hampton Roads, we have an advantage in that we have a local political action committee supporting and electing REALTOR®-friendly candidates. What you contribute to HRRPAC is divided between the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR), the Virginia REALTORS® (VR), and HRRA’s REALTOR® Political Action Committee.

What is RIM?
HRRA created the Real Estate Issues Mobilization  (RIM) Fund to primarily support or oppose national, state, and local issues that impact real property and the sale, lease, exchange, option, brokerage, use, and development of property. Issues that could have had a negative impact on your business have been defeated in the past through the coordinating efforts of RIM. This would not be possible without contributions from members of the Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association.

What is the REALTOR® Foundation?
The HRRA Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501(C)(3) non-profit organization sponsored by the Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association. It is a channel for the charitable and community service energies of the professional real estate industry.

Member Benefit Downloadables:
REALTOR Member Benefits - Local
REALTOR Member Benefits - State and National
REALTOR Member Benefits

Government Affairs

HRRA has a well-respected Government Affairs program, active with the local municipalities, as well as a strong presence with the state General Assembly delegation and federal representatives.

Work done on behalf of HRRA includes the defeat of numerous anti-growth measures and proposals to increase transfer taxes. Our assist helped to protect Oceana in the last BRAC review. In 2014, we were successful at the General Assembly in protecting agents from unreasonable accusations of misconduct and in improving the VRLTA. We worked with NAR to maintain and extend the Mortgage Interest Deduction and the Mortgage Forgiveness Tax Relief Act. We’ve participated in legislative discussions about flood insurance, FIRM revision, and recurrent flooding. We continue to monitor City Councils, Planning Commissions, and the General Assembly to protect the real estate industry.

Arbitration, Mediation, Ethics, and Professional Standards

HRRA promotes ethical business practices with a forum for complaints and recourse for satisfaction, if justified. This service saves members thousands of dollars in legal costs arbitrating business disputes. In the minds of the consumers, abiding by a Code of Ethics is a prominent reason for using the services of a REALTOR® instead of a non-member agent.


HRRA’s website,, is loaded with information on events and other Association news as well as the many services provided by HRRA. In the Members Only section, HRRA members can update information, register for events, and perform a host of other actions.

Eleven times per year, the Hampton Roads REALTOR® magazine is sent out to the homes and offices of more than 4,000 real estate professionals. An archive of past issues is available online through Members Only.

A weekly email newsletter, sent out every Sunday to all subscribing members, and other occasional emails alert members to upcoming events, classes and meetings for HRRA.

HRRA maintains an active presence on popular social media sites, including FacebookTwitterLinkedIn and Instagram.

Member Support

HRRA staff are available from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday, to answer questions, conduct research, and generally assist members in a variety of ways. These professional individuals are also available on call to present items of interest to members through sales meetings and other gatherings.


HRRA’s structure reflects the current diversity that exists in the real estate marketplace. By dividing into specialty councils, HRRA is better equipped to build programs and services that specifically meet the various needs of specialty members. These councils offer regular meetings with education and networking opportunities.

Get involved!

HRRA works for you. Many services are available at no cost. All you have to do is show up!

Networking The networking and education provided through council and committee meetings, advisory groups and other events are valuable assets for many members. (Many members report that the value of the FREE legal advice received at just one REALTOR®/Lawyer committee meeting far exceeds the annual dues amount!)
Public Relations HRRA is featured regularly in local print (and sometimes broadcast) media. HRRA has partnered with The Virginian-Pilot to feature articles in the Saturday Home section. The “REALTORS® on Call”“Condo Conversations”, and “REALTOR® Q&A” columns are open to any HRRA REALTOR® member who wishes to submit an article for consideration. (Contact Victoria Hecht for more details.)
REALTOR® Day on the Hill Every year, busloads of REALTORS® travel to Richmond during the General Assembly session to meet with legislators on the importance of real estate issues.
Special Events HRRA has events for members throughout the year which offer a chance to relax, meet colleagues, mingle with Affiliate Members, and have fun, including the Chili Cook-Off and Tailgate Party, YPN networking events, and the annual Wine & Cheese Social.
Education HRRA’s real estate school, Alpha College of Real Estate, has developed a number of continuing education programs, legal liability, risk reduction classes, Principles, and broker licensing courses. Rookies benefit from the new agent training program, QUICKSTART©, and all HRRA members have access to 3 hours of Ethics CE/PL at no cost. A great benefit of membership is the access to great education in your own backyard, no travel required. Alpha offers designation courses that other, smaller associations cannot afford to offer. Education is the key to success in real estate and HRRA has made sure its members have access to the best.
Recognition Each year, HRRA recognizes professionals who have gone above and beyond for the Association, with Service Awards presented at the annual Installation Luncheon. HRRA also recognizes those members who have reached exceptional production levels with the Circle of Excellence Awards. These awards are recognized by the home buying public as a measure of success.