New Member Orientation Quiz

Welcome to your New Member Orientation Quiz

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1. Antitrust law also condemns agreements among competitors regarding other terms or conditions of a listing agreement such as:
2. The NAR offers many discounts including:
3. Lobbying has no value to the legislator.
4. The NAR fair share amount is:
5. The anti-trust prohibition on fixing commission rates means:
6. Community outreach is not a function of the association.
7. The premiere HRRA event designed to assist members in marketing their brand is
8. HRRA publishes how many issues of its magazine per year?
9. It is important to be personally involved in the real estate industry.
10. HRRA offers CE, certifications, designations and post-licensing.
11. If you text and drive how many times more likely are you to get into an accident?
12. RPAC contributions can be used to directly contribute to a candidate campaign.
13. The NAR Center for Financial Wellness is:
14. I don't need to be involved in advocacy because my association has a GAD.
15. Professional standards can save a member significant money in:
16. Important items on the NAR legislative agenda include:
17. If you are meeting a client alone:
18. RPR is:
19. Houselogic is:
20. Virginia REALTORS work on promoting legislation that benefits the industry.
21. What certification is typically offered by the state association?
22. If I unsubscribe from HRRA's eREALTOR I won't get important notices such as dues deadlines.
23. The attorneys at VAR function as my personal attorney.
24. Select the correct use of the REALTOR trademark for internet usage (all others are improper use):
25. REALTORS are different than real estate agents because:
26. To reduce the chance of assault or theft always:
27. Your association membership for HRRA, VR, & NAR is tracked through NRDS which stands for:
28. An event designed to improve our HRRA communities is:
29. Independent expenditures require permission from the candidate.
30. An additional benefit of the Circle of Excellence is:
31. HRRA gives you the opportunity to develop your leadership skills.
32. Steering occurs when an agent limits the housing options available to a buyer such as:
33. Under the Fair Housing Act which is not a protected class?
34. As part of my Virginia Assn of REALTORS membership I get a free subscription to:
35. NAR is organized for its members to:
36. The National Association of REALTORS is an advocacy organization.
37. Virginia REALTORS offer a tech hotline
38. The new REALTOR awareness campaign is: