The 2021 leadership of the Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association is listed below.

Each year, slates are presented at a membership meeting 30 days prior to the election. Once the nominations are voted upon and confirmed, new officers are installed in December.

Executive Committee

tanya monroe

Tanya Monroe

Barbara Sgueglia

Barbara Sgueglia

Jeremy Johnson

Vice Chairman of Finance
Jeremy Caleb Johnson

cindy hawks white

Immediate Past Chairman
Cindy Hawks White

margaret richardson

Executive Committee
Margaret Richardson


Executive Committee
Sheri Thaxton


Executive Committee
Remona Murmillo



At Large (S/F)
Leigh Anne Parks


At Large (S/F)
Lee Cross


At Large (P/C)
Ken Boyer


At Large (P/C)
Jimmy Jackson


At Large (V/N)
Emil Nazaryan


At Large (V/N)
Jennifer Cool


At Large (V/N)
Linda Harrison


At Large (V/N)
Jon McAchran

Directors/Council Chairs


Affiliates Council
Christie Woytowitz


Appraisers Council
Betsy Hughes


Commercial Alliance
David Tunnicliffe


New Homes Council
Monique McClellan

Each year, HRRA recognizes professionals who have given exceptional service to the association. The awards presented include Affiliate Member and Company of the Year; REALTOR® Volunteer; Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Service; Code of Ethics; Rising Star; Broker of the Year and Lifetime Achievement awards.

(Nominations for 2020 are now closed. Good luck!)


Jason-Houser Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Service
Jason Houser

Recognizes outstanding service and contributions to HRRA from the many dedicated and involved REALTORS® and Affiliates who serve on committees, action teams, advisory groups, work sessions and focus groups. (The Chairman may choose up to three recipients.)
Elaine Griffin Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Service
Elaine Griffin

Recognizes outstanding service and contributions to HRRA from the many dedicated and involved REALTORS® and Affiliates who serve on committees, action teams, advisory groups, work sessions and focus groups.
Bob Schaefer Chairman’s Award for Outstanding Service
Bob Schaefer

Recognizes outstanding service and contributions to HRRA from the many dedicated and involved REALTORS® and Affiliates who serve on committees, action teams, advisory groups, work sessions and focus groups.
Barbara Wolcott Lifetime Achievement Award
Barbara Wolcott

The purpose of this award is to recognize a REALTOR® who has made recognizable and identifiable differences in multiple facets of the real estate industry.
Aric Martinez Rising Star of the Year
Aric Martinez

The purpose of this award is to recognize dedicated support and volunteer service to the Association by a REALTOR® who is a newcomer to the Board committee and activity scene.
Karen Gaskins REALTOR® Code of Ethics Award
Karen Gaskins

The purpose of this award is to recognize demonstrated excellence by a REALTOR® in the Code of Ethics, including knowledge, practice, and service to HRRA.
Nikita Houchins Broker/Manager of the Year
Nikita Houchins

The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding achievements and contributions by a REALTOR® who is the Broker/Owner or Sales Manager of his/her real estate firm/office.
Linda Harrison REALTOR® Volunteer of the Year
Linda Harrison

The purpose of this award is to recognize outstanding individual contributions and success in Association programs, products, or services.
hampton roads realtors Affiliate Company of the Year
The Elite Team – Tidewater Mortgage Services

The purpose of this award is to recognize dedicated support and service to the Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association by an Affiliate Company.
Hunter Clarke Affiliate Member of the Year
Hunter Clarke

C & F Mortgage Corporation
The purpose of this award is to recognize dedicated support and service to the Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association by an Affiliate Member.


2010 - Present

2020 – Cindy Hawks White

2019 – Kimberly Plourde

2018 – Nikita Houchins

2017 – Sherry Maser

2016 – Becky Claggett

2015 – Charles “Rusty” Hulett

2014 – Amy Rhodes

2013 – Pat Steele

2012 – David Wilkey

2011 – William “Fella” Rhodes

2010 – Karen Gaskins, ABRM CRS® GRI

2000 - 2009

2009 – Charlee Gowin, ABR CRS GRI

2008 – Michael C. McCartney

2007 – Clifford L. Wells

2006 – Billy E. Coons, GRI, ePro

2005 – Donn Irby, CRS, GRI, ABR

2004 – Deborah Baisden, ABR

2003 – John G. Voss

2002 – Sandra A. Haines, CRS, GRI

2001 – Mary Ross Ellsworth

2000 – Robert H. Schaefer

1990 - 1999

1999 – Gary S. Crawford, ABR, CRB, CRS, GRI,

1999 – Peggy Byrd, GRI

1998 – Amy J. Piland, GRI

1998 – Ron Foresta

1997 – Joann J. Belote, GRI

1997 – Robert W. Bain

1996 – Fred Helm, CRS, GRI, ABR

1996 – Ronald C. Ripley, SRS

1995 – Angela Denson

1995 – Paul C. Lown

1995 – Priscilla LeMoine, GRI

1994 – Darlene M. Lamb, CRP, CRB, GRI

1994 – Linda W. Drelick, CRS, GRI

1994 – Robert W. Bain

1993 – Ann M. Palmateer, CRB, CRS, GRI

1993 – James W. Hart, Sr., ABR, GRI

1993 – William E. Shelton

1992 – E. Thomas Sexton, Jr., CRB, GRI

1992 – Hugh Ritchie Cross, CRS

1992 – Milford K. Howell, Jr.

1991 – Ann J. Randolph, ABR, CRB, CRS, GRI

1991 – D.C. “Hewitt” Bowman, CRS

1991 – Gary Crumpler

1990 – Jim V. Rose, GRI

1990 – R. Gene Harrell, GRI

1990 – William A. Warner

1980 - 1989

1989 – Nancy Bridges

1989 – Susan Rowe-Horwitz, GRI

1989 – William P. Anderson, GRI

1988 – Bruce J. Williams

1988 – Margaret Q. Hagwood

1987-88 – Kenneth L. Hoff

1987 – Barbara Kendrick

1987 – Durwood V. Scott, CRB, CRS

1987 – James A. O’Keefe, Jr.

1986 – Barbara Wolcott

1986 – Peggy B. Byrd, GRI

1986 – Ted Bowen

1985 – Emogene P. McNeely, CRS, ABR

1985 – Sandee W. Ferebee, ABRM, CRB, GRI

1984-85 – Pauline A. Going

1984 – David C. Eckhardt, CRB, GRI, CRS

1984 – Thomas J. Moore, CRS

1983 – Lawrence A. Sancilio

1983 – Paige M. Taylor

1983 – Phyllis H. Mewborn, CRS

1982 – Elaine B. Eike, GRI

1982 – William H. Kline, Jr., CRS

1981-82 – Hugh Ritchie Cross, CRS, GRI, RMP

1981 – Edna Robbins Kear

1981 – Robert W. Van Kirk

1980 – Dorcas Helfant, CIPS, CRS

1980 – Joan D. Gifford, GRI

1980 – Leon Coppedge

1970 - 1979

1979 – Austin M. Wilkins

1979 – Ronald C. Ripley, SRS

1978-79 – Jan Jeffers, GRI

1978 – David A. Miller, Jr.

1977 – John H. Robertson, CRB, GRI

1976-77 – Jay D. Couch, CPM

1976-77 – Paige M. Taylor

1976 – John E. Bissett, CPM

1975 – James R. Stohl

1975 – Robert A. Jones

1975 – Samuel B. Segar, SIOR, CCIM

1974 – Elizabeth B. Harris

1973 – M. Barron Kesser

1973 – Robert D. Wilson

1972-74 – F. Elwood Long

1972 – Cecil E. Sears, GRI

1972 – James W. Wood, Jr., GRI

1971 – Evelyn H. Gift

1971 – William J. Jonak, Jr.

1970 – Jack W. Siebert, CRB, CRS, GRI

1970 – John B. Sasser

1950 - 1969

1969 – Alford (Bill) Wells

1969 – Columbus J. Lovingood

1969 – Robert F. Ripley, GRI, RLI, CCIM

1968 – Cecil E. Jones

1968 – Oscar F. Baxter, IV, GRI, RLI, CCIM

1967 – G. Scott Taylor, GRI

1967 – P. Winfield Thomson

1967 – Robert P. Albergotti, GRI, CRB

1966 – Earl W. Drum

1966 – Irving F. Truitt, Jr., CPM, GRI

1965 – Nicholas E. Gretakis, GRI

1964-65 – Bernard Levitin

1963 – J. C. Councill, Jr., CPM

1963 – James A. Pendleton

1962 – Elizabeth S. Kneas

1962 – Harvey L. Lindsay, CCIM

1961 – Herbert E. Robertson, Jr.

1961 – V. H. Nusbaum Jr.

1960 – S. Barron Segar, Sr., SIOR, CCIM

1960 – Warren P. Lively

1958-59 – David A. Miller

1958-59 – Irvin H. Cohen

1950-51 – Tazewell T. Hubard, Jr.

HRRA members who have served with the National Association of REALTORS®

Year Name
2021-23 Clyde Cooper, Professional Standards Interpretation and Procedures Advisory Board
2020 Deborah Baisden, Region 3 Vice President, Executive Committee
2020-21 Clyde Cooper, Professional Standards Committee
2020 Cindy Hawks White, Broker Engagement Committee
2020 Dorcas Helfant-Browning, Global Business and Alliances Committee, Past Presidents’ Advisory Group
2020 Jay Mitchell, Consumer Communications Committee Chair, Member Communications Committee
2020 Tanya Monroe, Diversity Committee
2020 John Powell, RPAC Trustees Fundraising Committee Chair
2019 Cindy Hawks White, Professional Standards Committee
1992 Dorcas Helfant, CIPS, CRS, President


HRRA Members who have been President of Virginia REALTORS®.

Year Name
2018 Jay Mitchell
2015 Deborah Baisden
2002 Ann Palmateer
1996 Barbara Wolcott
1990 SandeeFerebee
1984 Dorcas Helfant, CIPS, CRS
1982 Samuel B. Segar, Jr.
1973 Jack W. Siebert
1969 Nicholas E. Gretakis
1965 Robert M. Wainwright
1961 Tazewell T. Hubard, Jr.
1952 A. S. Herman
1948 Irving F. Truitt
1941 James E. Etheridge
1937 C. C. Collmus, Jr.
1932 C. V. W. Trice
1928 W. Ludwell Baldwin
1920-21 Paul T. Collins


Hampton Roads professionals who have served as Executive Vice President / CEO of Virginia REALTORS®.

Year Name
2013-present Terrie L. Suit
1979 – 1993 Ralph K. Anderson

Emeritus Members

Emeritus Members are REALTOR® Members who have been engaged in the real estate profession and have been a member of one or more Member Boards or Associations of the National Association of REALTORS® continuously for at least 40 years.

William E. Albertson
Roberta W. Alperin
Benjamin Altschul
Henrietta Ancheta
Judy Andrassy
Lyne W. Aslett
Elizabeth Atkinson
George L. Ayers
Scott P. Ayers
Ivan Basnight
Donald J. Belanger
Ruth Benjaminson
Philip L. Black
Judith N. Boone
Robert R. Brown
Elizabeth S. Carlson
Nancy O. Chandler
Webster M. Chandler III
Ruth A. Chandley
William L. Chorey, Sr.
Shirley Conner
Patricia H. Copley
J C. Councill III
Gary S. Crawford
Chandler R. Crook
Jo Cross
Linda W. Drelick
Peggy Economidis
Sandra W. Ferebee
Antoinette Frank-O’Gorman
Georgianna Frech
Thomas S. Gale, Jr.
Carol E. Gallagher
Vicky Gallagher
Ruth Ellen Gans
Thomas C. Gifford
Daniel R. Godfrey
Stacy Goode
Harriet R. Goodove
Charlee Gowin
Charles C. Grant III
Ron L. Gregory
Elaine Griffin
Roland G Harrell
Elizabeth B. Harris
Suzie M. Hatcher
Jan Haworth
F. Andrew Heatwole
Dorcas Helfant-Browning
Fred Helm
Kenneth Hoff
Jeffrey Hollingsworth
Marilyn Horvath
Susan Horwitz
Clara Howell
Jefferson E. Howie III
Gerald Huskey
Francine T. Hutcheson
Janice B. Jessup
Joseph R. Jones
Anne Kent
M. Barron Kesser
Joan Kistler
Sue R. Kline
William H. Kline, Jr.
Priscilla B. LeMoine
Wendy J. Lucas
Priscilla Lytton-White
Bonny MacLachlan
Judy Marsh
John H. Martin
Caroline McCartney
Edward L. Meise, Jr.
Patricia H. Miles
Rosemarie Morgan
Ronald D. Morrison
Susan S. Murphy
Clare O’Brien
Diana N. O’Brien
Ann M. Palmateer
Gracie L. Peacock
Ron Pearman
Leora Peters
Marc F. Poutasse
Ann J. Randolph
Judy Reed
William L. Rhodes, Jr.
Ronald C. Ripley
Evelyn J. Rivenbark
Glenn Russell
Wayne L. Russell
John R. Savino
Robert H. Schaefer
Durwood V. Scott
Thomas Sedddon
Judith S. Sellers
Gerry Sessor
Marjorie W. Shirley
Jean F. Siebert
Pat Steele
Robert F. Sutherland
Leo Swanson
Henry T. Thrasher
Richard B. Thurmond
William C. Tucker
Frank Trygar
Michael J. Vance
Doc A. Vitelli
John G. Voss
Roy V. Ward
Alice Watson
Alton L. Watson
Jeanne P. West
Cam Templeton White
Wendell A. White
Joseph D. Wilkey, Sr.
Joyce B. Witt
Barbara M. Wolcott
Margaret P. Woodard
Bettie K. Wuthrich
Art J. Zachary