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Register today for the Center for Financial Wellness Investment Summit. This is a live streaming webinar event. Join us at HRRA to interact with your peers.

As a REALTOR®, saving and investing are both important items to consider in your financial plan. By putting your money to work, certain strategies can help you build wealth, outpace inflation, and increase value for long-term success. Reach your financial goals by attending NAR’s Center for REALTOR® Financial Wellness September 2022 Investment Summit.

Hear from industry experts as they discuss strategies for investing in the stock market and real estate.

Each of the four one-hour webinars will cover useful information geared towards newer agents, but are open to all REALTORS® in any career stage.

Each session is $10 and will be held in the HRRA/Alpha Classrooms (light refreshments included).

Investing for Absolute Beginners

Wednesday, September 7, 2:00pm-3:00pm ET.

Ever wonder what people mean when they say you should have a more aggressive portfolio and rebalance your debt and equity with more exposure to ESG, ETFs, and REITs, while avoiding wash sales and STCG rates? This is your chance to ask your most basic investing questions without fear.

We’ll demystify the vocabulary, debunk a few myths, and increase your confidence. Afterwards, you’ll be able to understand more of what you read about investing, take some sensible actions, and know who you can ignore.

Investing for the Seasoned and Sophisticated

Wednesday, September 14, 2:00pm-3:00pm ET.

This session is for those who are familiar with the basics and want to do more sophisticated investing. We’ll talk how to evaluate a good stock vs. a good company; technical vs. fundamental stock analysis; and various classes of investments including stocks, bonds, funds, ETFs, private equity, options and derivatives, real estate (of course!), and even a little about cryptocurrency. Also, how to build a prudent portfolio with diversification, liquidity, and potential upside.

Real Estate Investing for REALTORS®

Wednesday, September 21, 2:00pm-3:00pm ET.

Real estate investing can help you achieve financial independence. As REALTORS®, we have several advantages in the real estate market, from our inside knowledge of the forces and trends that dictate our local markets, to resources like private financing and discounts. Being a REALTOR® also carries with it the weight of extra accountability. As REALTORS®, we must be thorough in our disclosures and careful to assess the properties in which we choose to invest.

Intro to Commercial Real Estate Investing

Wednesday, September, 2:00pm-3:00pm ET .

What are your investment goals? Why choose commercial real estate? Commercial real estate includes multi-family, retail, industrial, and office space.  Investing in commercial real estate offers unique advantages and various potential benefits. Among these benefits are steady cash flow and higher income potential. However, it is important that the investor thoroughly completes due diligence prior to purchasing commercial real estate to ensure that it aligns with their investment goals.

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