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To the Directors, Officers and Members of the Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association

As a nominee for the Board of Directors or Executive Committee of the Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association, I acknowledge that certain duties will be incumbent upon me should I be elected. I agree to abide by the Bylaws and Operating Policies of the Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association.

I further understand that my attendance at all Board of Directors’ meetings is vital to the proper functioning of the Association. It is my sincere desire and intent to be present at all such meetings.

It is my further desire and intent that should I subsequently become unable or unwilling to fulfill my obligations to the Association, I shall resign from my position.

In the event I am absent from any two meetings of the Board of Directors of the Association during any twelve (12) month period, regardless of excuse, I hereby direct the Chairman or any other officer to tender this letter to the Association as resignation of my Office or Directorship, to be accepted at their discretion, effective as of the date of tender. This letter shall be tendered as set forth above at the first meeting at which the earlier of the two above referenced circumstances shall occur.

By signing below, you confirm your agreement to abide by these policies.