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Congratulations on joining the association and becoming a new REALTOR®! Now, where should you start? The juggling act of attending classes, meeting with homebuyers and sellers, walkthroughs, closings, and everything in between can be overwhelming for new agents. Getting organized can be a difficult undertaking.

Not to worry, great agents aren't born, they are made. Greatness is obtained through study, hard work and practical application of the information learned throughout a real estate career. Some rookies are very fortunate; they may already know someone who is willing to mentor them, answer questions and relate experiences. However, not every new agent comes into the industry with an existing list of other REALTOR® contacts. This is why attending meetings and events at HRRA is so important—never underestimate the value of networking as a way to advance in your career!

In order to help you succeed, HRRA has rounded up some useful information to make sure you have everything you need to succeed.

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