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Member Benefits

What do you get for your dues? We're glad you asked! Dues revenue funds core services like governmental affairs, ethics enforcement, specialty councils, and publications. It is also used for research and development of new programs, products, and services that enhance members' success. In fact, dues only make up a fraction of the total HRRA budget, far lower than the national average.

HRRA's "a la carte" Philosophy:

Members can pick and choose the programs and services that make the most sense for their business. Paying individually and allowing programs to be self-sufficient saves members money in the long run by preventing the need for dues to be raised to support programs they may not be interested in.

You Ask:

Why do my dues keep going up? Over the past 20 years, local Association dues have risen less than the cost-of-living. There's a reason for every dollar of your annual dues! Dues cover an abundance of services that help you in your career!

Total Dues = $651
HRRA Dues = $311
VR Dues = $155
NAR Dues = $150
NAR Consumer Advocacy Campaign = $35

HRRPAC = $35
RIM = $10
REALTOR Foundation = $10

What is HRRPAC? Hampton Roads REALTORS Political Action Committee (HRRPAC) is your voice in politics! As a HRRA REALTOR, you have a strong, unified presence among city councils and legislators. In Hampton Roads, we have an advantage in that we have a local political action committee supporting and electing REALTOR-friendly candidates. What you contribute to HRRPAC is divided between the National Association of REALTORS (NAR), the Virginia REALTORS (VR), and HRRA's REALTOR Political Action Committee.

What is RIM? HRRA created the Real Estate Issues Mobilization Fund (RIM) to primarily support or oppose national, state, and local issues that impact real property and the sale, lease, exchange, option, brokerage, use, and development of property. Issues which could have had a negative impact on your business have been defeated in the past through the coordinating efforts of RIM. This would not be possible without contributions from members of the Hampton Roads REALTORS Association.

What is the REALTOR Foundation? The HRRA Foundation is a tax-exempt, 501(C)(3) non-profit organization sponsored by the Hampton Roads REALTORS Association. It is a channel for the charitable and community service energies of the professional real estate industry.

Member Benefit

Member Benefits - HRRA
HRRA Member Benefits Flyer
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Member Benefits - VR-NAR
VR & NAR Member Benefits Flyer
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Member Benefits - HRRA
REALTOR Member Benefits Poster
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651 Reasons to Join
651 Reasons to Join
(PDF, 18 pages)

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